Innovation Works: Introductory Questionaire
Here are some things that make you a great fit for Innovation Works business resources (including funding):

- U.S. owned
- Located in Southwestern Pennsylvania
- Currently employ fewer than 50 people
- Developing an innovative technology in an area such as: life sciences (medical devices and biotechnology), information technology (hardware, software, internet infrastructure)
- Innovative products or tech enabled services addressing large market opportunities
- A clear and compelling value proposition
- A strategy to achieve full-scale commercialization
- Entrepreneurs and other leaders possess passion and dedication to the commercial success of the company
- Potential to attract additional funding if needed

Getting Started

We encourage applications from entrepreneurs of all backgrounds. For us to get to know some more information about your company please answer the questions below. Fields with an “*” are required by the state of Pennsylvania.
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Has your company raised investment from any of the following sources?:

Has your company raised investment from any of the following sources?:

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Is your company currently raising funds, what is the amount that you’re seeking?

Beyond funding, what other ways can we help your company?

Terms and Agreements *

Innovation Works is a non-profit economic development agency serving the citizens of southwestern Pennsylvania. If we agree to provide you with business assistance, we will do so at no charge to you. We disclaim (and you waive) all warranties related to the assistance we may provide to you, and you also agree that neither Innovation Works, its directors, officers, employees nor agents shall be liable to you for any damages, including, without limitation, loss of profit or business opportunity.I agree(Have Deborah review Terms/Agreements)
Please attach your business plan or executive summary. If you do not yet have a business plan or any additional documents to upload, no worries you can leave this blank.

Thank you for your interest in Innovation Works. We look forward to connecting with you and learning more about your business.
We will be contacting you shortly.
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